Tias do Bonfim

since 2017
Tias help parents.

Tias do Bonfim are people concerned with education and childcare. We aim to create alternative paths to cultivate holistic care policies in nurseries, schools and educational contexts.
Our objective is to diminish the lack of politics of sensitivity basing our projects in the intersection of learning requirements and the will of each child and parent. We invent formulas to approach adults and children and unite them under the degrowth movement umbrella. We try to fill in the gaps of what people want and need from education.
Tia is someone willing to learn with a child and willing to teach the child to learn.
Tia is someone who sees children and adults as humans only distant by time and wishes to share ways of thinking, talking and acting.
Tias do Bonfim are keen on artistic practices towards the performance and intervention in beauty and are respectful about the resources of it.

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Tias do Bonfim

Working as an informal group of social activation. We create projects for all ages to bring awareness about autonomy, diversity and sustainability.
TdB operates from Porto and admits members who are willing to learn or teach.

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from the 15th July 2020 on
A green transition project through mobility, sustainability, public space, autonomy.

Actividade Verão MMXX

Carta de condução de ciclista urbano

Formation Structure

full translation soon 🙂

Street Code

    1. Apreensão do código da estrada (presencial ou remoto)
    2. Subtilezas do uso legal vs. segurança (presencial ou remoto)
    3. Simulacros para condução: necessidades e deveres (presencial)


Recognition (presencial)

    1. mecânico
      • compreensão mecânica da bicicleta e os seus usos
      • cuidados e reparações 
    2. da cidade
      • identificar percursos usados e alternativas
      • locais de parqueamento
      • associações, oficinas e lojas de material



    1. simulacros de condução em áreas reservadas
    2. condução em contexto urbano com acompanhamento de instrutor
    3. acompanhamento em viagens longas (cicloturismo)

Tias do Bonfim are willing to become a cooperative soon and we would like you to consider to become a part of it. This formal step presumes each member of Tias represents one vote, no more nor less, and can access democratic project definition. Being a member also creates special access conditions to activities and helps members to accomplish their initiatives.

We believe in an economy of cooperation, trust and democratic practices with strong, bold ideas that promote equity.

Become a member of the family from Bonfim and accept the present you’re willing take care.


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subject “Bicicleta Urbana”

Only between 15:00 and 20:00 , Monday to Friday

tia Virgínia 912725338

We believe in creativity as a value to the future of care and education.

Singularity and serendipity.
We rather start imagining from few resources and natural materials.
We value relationships of trust, afection and respect.
We promote the conviviality between difference and equality.
We develop sensitivity through art and nature.

As Tias (aunts), we provide the following services:

  • babysitting in loquo
  • entertaining activities in events
  • educational workshops
  • after-school tutoring
  • vacations escort
  • tours
  • children books
  • toys

Tira a teima, Coça-Coça!

Colouring book edited by Tias do Bonfim with Maia Veterinarian Hospital.