You are a walker on a bridge. It’s a muddy river, revolving between ocre and yellow. Look: cypresses and mountains poking the sky and clouds giggling.

Head to the movie-theater. It’s located oldtown, not far from the Republic Square. Careful with bicycles. Change perspective, these streets are renaissance drawings.

Remember, from the Greeks, Ódeon is smaller than a dramatic theater. Is a place for screenings and talks these days.

You leave the Ódeon and wander. Someone’s arm strikes you from behind. It’s a stranger with references. No danger, proceed to the Dome. Search the one that seems made out of coloured paper. Drink sparkling water coming out from the palace a little bit farther. Drink tea, it’s raining. Eat cake, it’s time. See a movie, two, or three. Visit the faces around you. One is facing you. First depicted as a tiny spot in one of your eyes, a smile which is a stain and then a twirl.

You see it coming, not so slowly as you perceive it. Never deny the possibility and never bet on it. And the smile keeps you right there, in a Leo-Leo limbo holding Scorpio-Scorpio. Don’t fall into the Arno.

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