Flattered apartments

Flattered apartments



Barreiro OUT.FEST

Festival Internacional de Música Exploratória do Barreiro

Since September 24th, Barreiro Outfest has sold out its tickets for the opening day and all the global passes. Wish you all a friend possessing one of those. Still, there are many good reasons to visit this exploratory music festival on the 7th, 8th and 9th October. Right in margem sul, it’s a hell of a nearby reason to cross the red bridge over Tejo or its waters.

I’ve always wanted to attend it, nonetheless, I’ve been only attending OUT.RA’s newsletters over the years, probably since I’ve submitted a video to one of their contests in my college days.

Never thought about unsubscribing because it became very handy to receive regular news on musical expeditions towards uncharted territories. Barreiro OUT.FEST is a heavy loaded continent of sounds.

In short, if you’re northern than Tejo, cross the river and a world of music this weekend in Barreiro.

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Barrote no Silo

“Chama Flamante” no Espaço Cultural

Mariana Barrote inaugurou, sábado, 15 de Outubro, no Silo Espaço Cultural.
É uma artista pela qual se anseiam o próximo festim de cor e desassossegante desenho.
Afinal, há boas razões para agendar um passeio no Norteshopping.

Barrote at Silo

“Flaming flame” in Espaço Cultural

Mariana Barrote opened, last Saturday, October 15th, in Silo Espaço Cultural.
She’s an artist for whom we nourish the next colour feast and disquiet drawings.
ctually, there are good reasons to schedule a walk in Norteshopping.

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18-27 Out. – Feira de Santa Iria

Flattered.to be in Tomar invites you for a sleepover

This Autumn fair, that has been going on for four centuries, is well-versed in family businesses trading dried nuts and fruits. It will be sited in Várzea Grande, between the Court House (Tribunal) and the former Officers’ Mess (antiga Messe de Oficiais).

Nowadays, the Santa Iria Fair comprises carousels, concerts, folklore and other amusements pairing up with product sales and small informal restaurants ran by local associations at the Municipal Marketplace (Mercado Municipal).

In the morning of Sunday the 20th, there will be a petal rain in honor of Iria, the woman unjustly murdered by a jealous suitor, that became the patron saint of Tomar – Santa Iria. In what other place can you remember of Sundays having two kinds of rain at once?

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